The Snow

Мария Акелан


Music, Lyrics, Vocals - Marija Akelan I Instruments & Arrangements - M. Kuliavas, R. Rainys I Mastering - Normantas Ulevičius
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Swinging the bridge,
Willing to reach
The water beneath.
Ignoring the beat,
Making it fit
For you and for me.
The whitest parade,
But soon it will fade
Like everything does.

I‘m trying hard to stretch my arms
It seems the earth is falling down,
Right into my palms.

No, it‘s not just simply snow,
There‘s more for us to know.
Although it‘s morning
It is still snowing
Snow‘s falling
Down, down, down…
The taste of empty kisses,
The pain of empty kisses.

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Время создания трека: 12.2016 г.

Рубрика произведения: Поп-музыка ~ Иностранная поп-музыка (авторская песня)
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