My life (Das ist My life)

Виктор Гурченко

Ритмичный слегка агрессивный трек о внутренней свободе выбора.

My life.
music,lyrics & prod. Victor Gurchenko ©2017

1.This is my life and there is no exemption
this is my life and there is no excuse.
Why should I think about of their reaction?
nobody cares of what you think you are.
2.This is a song, that ev′rybody′s singing
about my life, that no one understand.
′cause this is my life, yeah, this is my life and
I′m gonna save it and fight for ′till the end!
My life. Ma-ma-ma my life!
This is my life! --repeat.
Day and night are on my side
Good and evil also.
When a happyness inside -
life is really awsome.
I don′t care what to do
There is no right way.
I don′t care what they say
I will go my way!

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