Sonalyis feat Kate Lesing - Never Land (Original Mix)



vocal: Kate Lesing
music by: Sonalyis
lyrics by: Janardana

Don′t make a sound all around
Silence is everywhere
fills in the clouds
There is a way across the time
Future is coming up
forgeting the past
I have to dream
I have to forget about all these things
about broken heart that is beatin′ so fast all the time when it rains
I want to fly
just higher and higher out of sky
wind blows out there and we′re going forever to our never-land, our never-land, our never-land

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Время создания трека: 04.2019 г.

Рубрика произведения: Электронная музыка ~ Trance
Ключевые слова: Sonalyis, Trance, Vocal Trance, Kate Lesing,
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