Destined to suffer-Erase from reality

Ольга Саврасова
Destined to suffer-Devastated (2019)

2-Kill everything in yourself
3-We′re bound to death
4-I′m so cold when I′m alone
5-Erase from reality

Band:Destined to suffer
Release:Devastated (2019)
Genre: #Atmospheric_Black/#Depressive_Black/#Post_Black_Metal
Country: Australia


Depressive Black Metal, Atmospheric Black Metal,Post Black Metal,Australia,

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Время создания трека: 10.2019 г.

Рубрика произведения: Рок/Альтернатива/Панк ~ Дэт-метал
Ключевые слова: #Depressive_Black_Metal #Post_Black_Metal Band: Wandering martyr Release: House of Memories (7 June, 2019) Genre: Depressive Black Metal / Post Black Metal Country: Australia,
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