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Go then me. Музыка и слова Я. Абрамова
Is somebody going together with meeting with "Go then me" on the dance hall? Yes. So, go then me, you want me to dance hall.  Presented "Go then me". Go then me! Go then me!
1. Everybody goes on street near me,
    Everybody wants to go with me, go then me.
    I′ve seen beautiful girl on the street
    Many girls are going on the street, go then me.
2. She is going on road in the town,
    She is going oin beautiful gown, go then me.
    I′ve gone from home quickly to the street,
    For her quicker meeting on the street, go then me.
Are you want to go for meet? Go then me! Yes, it is what calling, calling to dance hall.
3. We are going to the park romance,
    To the dancing square for loving dance, go then me.
    I see her "you are so beautiful",
    She said me "You are so wonderful", go then me.    

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