725 Yaroslav Abramov - Where have you made for together


написано 21 июля 2013 года

Where has you made for together. Музыка и слова Я. Абрамова
1. When has you made for together,
    When I said for you forever,
    Have you been in forward ways in ground?
    So believe in our doing special,
    So believe for place in coaxial,
    You stand in this place into the way. 
    My house in the place for living,
    My street in the moving spearing,
    I live in the future every day.
    So I went to new streets ever,
    I go to high houses ever,
    You must say me what need me to meet.
    Future day for living in the home on life,
    Second time for living in the moving day,
    Who will be to meet with me on new streets now?
    I want to meet with somebody now.

2. When has you made for together,
    I want to be need for other
    Who wants to need with my fantasies?
    Now I go on to look forward
    And see high house streets and toward,
    How trees, houses and cars go to back.
    Sometimes I go in the people and
    Understand they look me too now,
    I know they went any time ago.
    Then I go on street near long house,
    I see highness under its roof,
    Understand then I go n the place.
    Future day for living in the home on life...

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