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Understandings of future day. Музыка и слова Я. Абрамова
1. Understood life in the past
    Every day and every night,
    Now I hoped in my child time,
    It is time to future life.
    I build future time to mine
    Every day and every night,
    Into happy haps of life
    On the dreamy future life.
    I believe in future flower time.
    In my elder life in future day,
    Everybody comes to beauty real,
    Understands of future day.

2. Who will making future time
    In ideas flower day?
    Who will be by elder aged
    At three tens years maybe four?
    I know what will be today,
    I know what will be tonight,
    It’s remember on the life
    I go to the future day.
    I believe in future flower time...

3. I believe in future day
    It’s another time alone,
    I hope, people will live in best
    Better future day so soon.
    They remember every day
    In historic plan of long.
    I will live at through tens years
    In the best, what may be else?

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