790 Yaroslav Abramov - Second time believing by my way


написано 4 апреля 2014 года

Second time believing by my way. Муз. и сл. Я. Абрамова
1. We are going on the street for walking, we believe in future ways for life,
    We like to become into the street, we’re believing in the future life.
    Many cars and buses are going on roads; many people go on their roads too,
    There are many shops and houses near us; we are walking to them every day.
    But you present we believe in our life in time
    Second time we’re looking in some ways.
    If I want to understand then life goes so well,
    I’m second time believing by my way.

2. Every day we’re walking and we’re going, every week we working by five days,
    Every night some people sleep in bedrooms, some of them are walking on Sunday.
    But to need to understand for commons then we are so animals as all.
    Only we are going and saying by language and we live so better then another.

3. I want to begin my way for meeting, every once I look on their faces,
    Somebody look on my face for meeting, but I know my lovely ideas.

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