826 Yaroslav Abramov - Say me the place

Ярослав Абрамов

написано 20 июля 2014 года

Say me the place. Музыка и слова Я. Абрамова
1. Say me the place, where will I go to ways?
    I have believed in this time for my way.
    If I go to this way, I’ll make my life.
    Ways of my life – it is so best long way.
    It’s my place, so better then long.
    It’s my time, forget so all pains.
    Where is it? I search it so long,
    Maybe somebody, maybe you, say me.

2. Say me the place, I go to this way of life.
    Maybe it’s there, maybe it’s there in no far,
    I will receive; I survive in my future way,
    Where are they be when I will take a time for mine?
    It′s my place, so better then long...

    It′s my place, so better then long...

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