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Ярослав Абрамов

написано 18 августа 2014 года

Are you want to burn? Музыка и слова Я. Абрамова
1. I can make the lightness day,
    If there are some motions and things;
    Single day is brighter then way,
    We will sing about it.
    There is beautiful brightest sun day,
    Under blue sky nothing then sun,
    We are like to burn and to light,
    We’re shine all around.
    Are you want to burn?
    Are you want burning in time?
    Do you want to first?
    We’re singing around.
    Will you be to burn?
    Will you be burning in time?
    Shine as we too,
    We are shining fully.

2. Second time we looking in world,
    All things shine today and tonight,
    In the winter or summer day long,
    Sing about it.
    Where are many shiners away?
    When they shine things as I and you?
    We are like to burn to burn and to light,
    We’re shine all around.
    Are you want to burn?..

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