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Ярослав Абрамов

написано 18 октября 2014 года

Future loife is bright. Музыка и слова Я. Абрамова
1. Every time we’re walking and we’re going on street for breathing so fresh air.
    We are breathing and we understanding, then life is going on one way.
    Sun is shining at the day and moon is shining only at the night.
    Warm on street in summer time and freeze on street in winter time it’s life.
    Human it is best animal on world; human may be all what was not ago.
    Life is going to way, future time infinity, future life is bright, future life is bright.

2. Future life is brightest and most beautiful then it was been on past.
    People build a future life and make approximately their lives.
    We will live in best long way on time and will be better then allows.
    If we like to build a future, we will make all things so best then their.
    Human it is best amimal on world...

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