860 Yaroslav Abramov - Forever or never


написано 30 октября 2014 года

Forever or never. Музыка и слова Я. Абрамова
1. Moving in the timer story,
    Moving in this hall or street,
    I live in this territory,
    While they are going out
    I believing in consider,
    When I think about my place,
    Then I take this place on speeder,
    Because I replace
    Forever or never
    I go to remember,
    We walking to think it
    Do you understand?
    Forever or never
    I go to remember,
    Because I want knowing
    Do you understand?

2. I can make a wonderful things
    I can feel them in this time,
    I can loose some time for made things
    And I’m building rhyme.
    If I want to go in street now,
    If I walk on road away,
    I will search all different places,
    This is runaway.
     Forever or never...

3. Only if I loose a road now
    And I search my way all day
    I look on the navigator
    And I go to home.
    Day or night – it’s needn’t to know.
    Summer, winter, autumn, spring,
    I’ll search road in different time and
    Go on home away.
     Forever or never...


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